Fishing Report 3-6-15

Hello everyone


Well it certainly has been a cold start to June so far however the fishing has been the direct opposite with plenty of action both in the lake and offshore , early on Tuesday morning on the way to work you could see the Salmon smashing the water up in Salts Bay , these fish have been in the channel for about 4 weeks with most around the 2-3 kg mark both lures and bait have been working best with the dirty water however the water has just started to clear up and the old favourite casper clear/resin head is starting to prove its worth

.Back in the lake Patrick and I have been bagging out ( 10 ) on Tailor over the last 2 weeks , most fish are around the 40 cm mark with the odd larger one these fish are spread out from Belmont Bay to Pulbar Island both shallow and deep divers working best with the Rapala deep tail dancers getting the bigger fish . A couple of weeks ago a 90 cm monster Tailor was taken from the same area , at the moment there are good numbers of Salmon working the bait schools over toward Point Wolstencroft which seem to be more active of a morning . There are still Arrow Squid for those willing to put the time in, all though patchy you will still get some good baits or eating size models throughout the usual haunts.

The lake winter Flathead season has began a little slower this year more than likely a direct result of the big fresh Mark Williams managed 5 fish between 42-49 cm the other , Mark covered alot of ground only finding a few scattered bait schools in some of the more protected bays , it seems the open water is holding bigger schools which are been worked by smaller Tailor . Jumping John Frith and the Merriman family  fish on Saturday night for a great catch of Bream up to 1.4 kg mixed in with a couple of Flathead and a 43 cm Whiting not a bad night at all .

On the beaches there’s plenty of Salmon action along the Blacksmiths / Belmont stretch mixed in with a few Tailor , Bream and Flathead while down on the Breakwall there have been some monster Bream early in the morning if you can get through the Salmon.

Offshore has been a little hit and miss due to the weather but it finally looks like its all coming together for the long weekend with light winds and no real swell predicated in close theres plenty of Trevally , Tailor Flathead and Mulloway around while out around the Farm / Texas area Snapper up to 4 kg have been caught along with some solid Kingfish . A few Green eyes around Moon Island.

We are finally back on line and up and running 6 weeks is a long time without internet , eftpos and even our fax lines thanks for your patients .



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