March Fishing Report

Hello everyone

Finally we appear to have some settled weather this week and things are starting to get a real Autumn feel to it, this week we have had solid reports of Tailor along Belmont /Blacksmith beach with the morning providing the best fishing, mixed in with the Tailor there are good numbers of Bream, Whiting and a few school Jew there is even a few Frigate mackerel been spun up as well.

Down on the rocks it’s the same sort of story with good numbers of Tailor, Bream and a few small Snapper turning up, the Dudley / Redhead and Catherine Hill Bay areas seem to be the pick both bait and lures have been working well, strangely enough the Kingfish have gone a bit quiet but they have been replaced by stacks on Bonito which have turned up right along the coast.

Offshore fishing has been a little harder with the constant bad weather keeping most at home, last Saturday Patrick and I headed down south and picked up a mixed bag of Trag, Bonito, small reds and Trevally and it seems its pretty much the same up towards Redhead with Mick Kennedy and Jayden Bruce doing the same although they reported there were a lot more Bonito up north.

Further north towards Nelson Bay there have been a few nice Reds around Duncan Manderson and the crew on board Running Bear mixed it up on Saturday they released a small Black marlin in the morning and then decided to do a bit of bottom fishing fir a change they ended up with a solid box of fish mainly made up of reds to 3 kg, perch and trag while a few of the Snapper fisherman back around Seals Rocks had there hands full trying to hold on to a number of small Black marlin which have reappeared now that the weather has settled down.

Out on the shelf its certainly been one of those seasons to forget with no bait anywhere and very few Marlin to be found the only hope is that the currents bring a late run of Stripped marlin during April otherwise its all over until next season.

Back in the lake the fishing really hasn’t slowed down even with all the rain we had there have still been plenty of fish caught, there have been plenty of good Bream around throughout the lake and Swansea Channel while back on the sand flats the Whiting still appear to be in good numbers.

It even seem the squid have had a chance to build back up in numbers with plenty of reports of squid been caught just about everywhere in the lake, one hot spot in particular has became that popular you will need to make a booking with as many as 20 plus boats fishing the same area maybe the lakes version of the car park.

Now that most of the Flathead have spawned they also have come back on the bite taking lures and bait, on Sunday I saw a few caught on the drift in the channel, while I was there I could see big school of Luderick moving around, that and a few small schools of Mullet tells me its all looking very good for the next few month ahead.

It been a while since we have updated our web site so now finally its happened I hope you like it.

Jason and the team

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