Fishing Report Sept 2015

Hello everyone,

Well the weather has cooled down over the past few days however the fishing is running hot. Winds have become more on-shore from the south this week but from now on we should see more of a N/E trend which is a sign that the winter westerlies have gone for another year.

The lake has been producing quality fish throughout the past couple of months and will only continue to get better. Plenty of flathead being caught throughout the lake with a heap of smaller 40-55cm ones and the odd 80+ lizard being landed, most of which are falling victim to soft plastics and soft vibes . Where it was once thought soft vibes were a lure for the colder months, I believe they have become an all-year-round method for fisho’s. The Tailor action has been nothing short of explosive in recent weeks, with the birds working bait schools in every direction and anglers finding plenty of fish about. Trolling deep divers like the Rapala Tail Dancers, X-Raps and various other hard bodies is as always the preferred methods by many, fish are still being landed on metal spinners/slices, vibes and plastics and of course baits like pilchards or squid.

Good numbers of Mulloway have been nailing soft plastics and soft vibes particularly through the daylight hours and the usual baits at night but don’t be afraid to chuck a vibe or big soft plastic around after dark. Bait fisho’s are still bagging quality bream and whiting with some cracking bream in the mid to high 40’s and whiting of a similar size and I have spotted some trophy fish over the sandflats in the channel over the last week or so. Live worms have been a little scarce from our suppliers but we should see an improvement in the coming weeks as the season approaches.

Last weekend the Swansea bridge area was alive with big schools of Salmon , big Tailor some up around the 3 kg mark and of course plenty of Kingfish all been taken on surface lures , this has continued through the week but due to the wind direction a change to the Swansea side is needed .

Offshore still remain a little quiet with inshore water temperature only around the 16 dec mark it seems Flathead and Trevally are making up the bulk of the catch but if you are prepared to head down south the Texas grounds off Nora Head are still producing plenty of Kingfish on both jigs and live baits .

Wide off Swansea its looks like the game fishing season is off to a flying start with Gary Hoffs boat Screaming Hoff landing 2 Yellowfin Tuna around the 40-50 kg mark on Sunday , Gary also lost a Marlin after an hour and with the forecast of lighter winds this weekend it doesn’t get any better than now to head out and have a crack at a big Yellowfin .



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